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What My 30’s Taught Me

What My 30's Taught Me | KiaSalter.com

My 30’s have been my saving grace. I’ve become more of an adult, my style has changed to be more simplistic and classic, and I’m no longer in debt. Yeah, that debt part is one of my biggest achievement ladies and gents. But one of the biggest takeaways from my 30’s so far is the ability to learn from my mistakes.

Now don’t get me wrong, my 20’s weren’t bad at all. I had as much fun as I could have. But for some reason I didn’t feel like more of myself until 30. Has that happened to you? Do you find there is a time in your life where you’ve felt more like yourself? Well for me, it’s definitely my 30’s as a whole.

Wanna know what I learned? Well if you do pull up a chair, grab a glass of tea or coffee, and let’s chat.


What My 30's Taught Me | KiaSalter.com


Don’t allow stress in

In my 20’s I used to stress over the smallest shit. It didn’t matter what it was, I was always, always stressed. That is not the way for a young women in her 20’s to be. So when I entered my 30’s, I begin to just not give a fuck. Seriously, I simply do not care. If it has nothing to do with me, my family, my business then I don’t have time for it. That may seem a bit selfish but I learned you have to get your priorities in order in life. And focus on that. So if I do stress, it’s for a good reason and not a dumb one that I will no longer care about in a year. That’s a waste of time and time waits for no man.


Stop caring about others opinion of you

Which brings me to my next point, I no longer care about what others think of me. I believe this problem began in high school. But now I can honestly say, I am done with caring about what others think of me. If you can’t see the most caring, honest, and wonderful person in front of you then you will never see me. And honestly, it probably wasn’t meant for you to be in my life. So why care about someone else’s opinion of you when it’s obvious they don’t know you anyway.


Stop and smell the roses

To me, your 20’s is all about running around and being the life of the party. The problem with that is, you live according to the latest moment instead of finding fulfillment in every moment. Slowing down, in your 30’s, doesn’t mean you’re old. Because I am far from old thank you very much. It just means I don’t need the next big thing to fulfill me. I can see an amazing architectural piece or go to a museum or even take a walk and be inspired. The little things mean more. And I begin to appreciate life itself. Which in turns allows me to appreciate the people in my life who have shaped me into who I am today.


What My 30's Taught Me | KiaSalter.com


I remember thinking turning 30 was a death sentence. Turns out, it was the very thing I needed to come into my own. Now I can say I am a better version of me.


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