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What I Learned in 2017

What I Learned in 2017 | KiaSalter.com

2017 has been an amazing, tough, difficult, and self-discovery year. There’s no better way to write that really. I thought 2016 was my most defining year since my life completely changed due to the death of my fiancé. But I never knew 2017 would be the year where I finally moved into the next stage of my life. You know, the stage where you open up your eyes and really see what you were born to do. Who you were meant to be.

But just because I discovered what I was born to do this year, doesn’t mean that it came easily. Boy, did I fight for everything I wanted this year. And things often took longer than they were supposed to. Case in point, I was supposed to debut my art line this December (now debuting in January of 2018), but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. But nothing ever truly worth it is easy. Which is why I thought I’d share some of the things I learned in 2017.


What I Learned in 2017 | KiaSalter.com


Failures Lead to Success

Some of my failures include: not making deadlines ever this year, writing third person editorials which were horrible and funny as hell, and of course not being consistent when posting in the beginning of the year. To some that doesn’t sound like a bunch of failures, but to me it was. I placed too much pressure on myself because I wanted everything to be perfect. But I had to learn, imperfection really is beautiful. Unexpected breakthroughs can come from things going horribly wrong. And I think that’s a lesson every blogger should learn.



Now let’s move on to my triumphs which include: launching my online shop, rewriting my rebranding book, rediscovering why I love to blog, and debuting my art collection. This year, things seemed to fall into place for. I began to realize what I wanted my brand to be. Figuring everything out was stressful but I felt good knowing my purpose. And I loved the person I was becoming. Which led me to rewrite my book and gave me the balls to create my own art line. Who knew going through the storm in 2016 would lead me here. And that storm taught me a valuable lesson. You can’t take a shortcut through pain. You have to go through it. And when you do, there’s something beautiful waiting for you on the other side.


What I Learned in 2017 | KiaSalter.com

What I Learned in 2017 | KiaSalter.com


This year may have been a pain in my butt, but it has also been this imperfect miracle that has changed my life, my blogging experience, and how I interact with my readers. And next year, will be even more amazing.

So I hope you continue to support me as I will always support you. Let’s go through our failures and triumphs together in 2018. My hope is that you allow this brand to be your community. A place where you can go to simply be you. And find guidance on how to design the life you want, and not the life someone else thinks you should have. A place where you can be inspired and motivated to be the kick ass person you already are. That’s what the Kia Salter brand is all about. That’s who I’m all about. So let’s kick 2018’s ass… are you with me?! See you in the next year!


*Regularly scheduled editorials will return on Monday, January 29, 2018.


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  • Jamala Kim Wallace

    I’m with you girl! 2017 tried to break me (which i just shared on my blog) but “He” kept me… in the midst of it all. So heading into 2018 i have as positive outlook on life.. so lets keep motivating and inspiring… hugs to you and wishing a happy New Year