Weekend Series • September 28, 2017

Weekend Edit No. 5

Kia Salter.com Weekend Edit No. 5

There’s nothing like laying in bed on the weekend with a good book or an amazing article to read, accompanied by some form of pastry. I used to feel ashamed to admit that because I’ve been told the weekend should be reserved for cleaning or getting yourself back on track. Now that I’m older, I reject that idea. The weekend, to me, should be strictly reserved for “me” time. It doesn’t matter if you have kids or not, the weekend should be a time where you slow down, bond with yourself, your family, and just give your brain a damn break.

Life is stressful enough, why bring that into your home. Why bring that into your bedroom. I know I don’t. So to celebrate that fact, I make me some lemon tea, enjoy a pastry, relax and read. And of course when I come across an amazing editorial, I share it here to make your weekend a bit more enjoyable. So when Saturday arrives and the sun peaks through your window, take some time to just slow down and have some “me” time. And if you’re looking for some interesting articles to read, then I hope you’ll enjoy these.



Good Reads




Interesting Reads from Around The Web


If you’re wondering how to invest in yourself, then you might love some of these ideas.

Wanna feel less stressed in your home? Then these 8 changes might help you do that.

I love these tips on how to have a healthy relationship with yourself.

I’m not an experienced traveler, which is why I loved reading these traveling tips.

Have you ever wanted to stay in a home that was featured on TV? Well now you can.



Engaging Editorials from KiaSalter.com


Need some drama in your life? Then you might want to check out these kitchens.

If you’re tired of people asking you why you’re not married, you might want to read this.

There’s just something beautiful about these doors… yes I said doors.

Looking for a chill, smooth playlist? Then you might enjoy these songs.

Here’s how I forgave my dad and built a much better relationship with him.



I hope you enjoyed this edition of the weekend edit. Have an amazing weekend and remember to smile.


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