Weekend Series • May 18, 2017

Weekend Edit No. 3

Weekend Roundup, KiaSalter.com

We’re almost at the end of the month of May and I’m sitting here wondering where did the time go? I know time waits for no man but it seems as if time is getting faster. Even with times urgency, I’m happy I’m alive to write to you and share some of my favorite articles around the web.

For those of you who are new to this blog, the Weekend Edit series allows me to feature thought-provoking articles that make you wonder why the hell anyone hasn’t mentioned that before. Typically, when I write this editorial, I’m in bed enjoying a good read and a cup of hot lemon tea. And since I absolutely love relaxing on a weekend, I thought we all could relax and enjoy some good reads together.

So this month I have a brand new set of articles that I think you might enjoy.



Weekend Roundup, KiaSalter.com



Interesting Reads from Around The Web


I love that Elle Decor is featuring some of the most inspiring black and white interiors.

If you hate living paycheck to paycheck, then you’ll love these smart and savvy savings tips.

Dealing with Stress? Then you’ll love these healthy ways to combat stress.

Could you take cold showers, for 30 days, to benefit your hair?



Engaging Editorials from KiaSalter.com


If you’re a new blogger, or even an experienced one, here is some advice from me to you.

Have you seen my visual love letter to New York?

Who says a foyer, no matter what the size, had to be boring.

If you love different genres of music, then you’ll love this eclectic playlist.



I hope you enjoyed this edition of the weekend edit. Have an amazing weekend and remember to smile.






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