Weekend Series • April 27, 2017

Weekend Edit No. 2

Weekend Roundup, KiaSalter.com

The weekend is near and I’m so excited. Even though I have a bit of work to do, my work never seems to put a damper on the weekend for me. I love to be lazy, lay in bed, and read amazingly written articles with a cup of lemon tea. I don’t think there’s anything better than that.

So during one of my lazy mornings, I got the idea to share a few of the amazing articles I run across. I mean, why shouldn’t everyone enjoy a lazy morning like I do. And that one thought sparked me to create new web series entitled the Weekend Edit.

The Weekend Edit isn’t your normal roundup post. I wanted to feature thought-provoking articles that make you wonder why the hell anyone hasn’t told you that before. I also want to feature humorous, fun, and stylish articles I find during my weekend reading journey.

We all are distracted by real life during the week, I think we deserve a moment to refuel, become inspired, and just be you. And I hope this weekend edit will assist you in doing so.



Weekend Roundup, KiaSalter.com



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Engaging Editorials from KiaSalter.com


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I hope you enjoyed this edition of the weekend edit. Have an amazing weekend and remember to smile.




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