Weekend Series • October 14, 2016

Weekend Edit No. 1

Every weekend, I find myself doing the same things as my mother did in her 30’s. I lay in bed for awhile, pamper myself with my morning routine, fix a little breakfast, then head right back to bed to read. But instead of reading the newspaper, I turn on my computer and read websites.

There’s no website I visit, in particular, I just click around until my heart is content. But I always seem to find the most interesting things.

Which gave me the idea to start a new bi-monthly series to my blog. Starting in January 2017, I will share amazing links from across the web, including my own, that I think you might like. But today, I thought I’d give you a sample of what you’ll see next year. It’s my way of curating the perfect weekend reading list for you.





Interesting Reads from Around The Web


Not getting a good nights rest? Then allow this article to help.

If you love the store West Elm, than you might love visiting their boutique hotels.

Did you know that there’s an art to picking the fastest line in the supermarket?

If you love a deal like I do, then you might like these 35 Furniture Finds Under $200.

What if New York streets were named after amazing women? What if.



Engaging Editorials from KiaSalter.com


While celebrating my 6th blog anniversary, I thought I’d share 5 lessons I’ve learned.

Here are 10 things that seem to make me the happiest.

Need some interior inspiration for your office? Then you’ll love these designs.

One of my favorite singers definitely has to be Sade. See why I love her style.





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