Playlist • August 24, 2017

Spotify & Chill Playlist

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One of the things I love most is sharing my active music playlist with you guys. I find new music, from different genres, everyday and I find it hard to contain my excitement. I immediately turn into a kid who wants to share my favorite toy with all my friends.

A sense of excitement is definitely needed in this current tumultuous climate in the US. We all may need to take a small break to breath and de-stress. Which is why I created this music playlist. I’m sure you heard of the term, Netflix and chill. Well, I’ve decided to steal that little idea and call my new playlist, Spotify and Chill.

This chill playlist includes 12 relaxing songs about love, lost, and the beauty of life. Some are artist you’ve never heard of and some are artist you already know. And except for 3 artists, this music playlist features kick ass women from the past and present. This is definitely one of my favorite playlist to date.


The Chill Playlist




So if you need to relax a little, press play and enjoy my Spotify and Chill playlist with some good food and a nice drink. Or treat yourself with a bubble bath or whatever else helps you relax. Remember self care is important. So never forget to remember you’re important to.

And don’t forget to let me know what you think of this music playlist in the comment section.


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