Playlist • October 24, 2016

Playlist On Repeat

If you’ve visited my blog before, then you know I love a good music playlist. There’s just something about music that makes me happy. It’s also a great stress reliever during the time people get on my nerves. Which is why I have playlists for every mood and occasion.

Lately, I’m happy to say my mood has been a lot more serene. Which means I’ve been listening to music that is a bit more relaxing, with a hint of sexy.

And this particular playlist has made me hitting rewind a lot more times than I count over the last month. So I thought I’d share the playlist that has managed to keep a smile on my face but also keep me productive at the same time.

This Spotify playlist is broken up in two. The first half is filled with songs that have a faster tempo and the bottom half are filled with slow tempo songs with a sexier vibe.





I hope you enjoyed listening to the playlist that makes me hit rewind multiple times a day. Since I’ve told you mine, please tell me yours. What songs are in your favorite playlist? Name them in the comment section below. I can’t wait to read about the songs you love.


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  • Hi Kia! I’m not familiar with a lot of songs on this list but I thank so much for introducing me to them. Hope you are well and I will add this playlist to my Spotify collection.

  • Solange is on repeat every day….literally!! This is her best album to date!!