Playlist • July 6, 2017

My Personal Theme Music

Some people think superheroes are the only ones entitled to their own theme music. But that’s simply not true. I remember commuting to work, in New York City, and having my Bose headphones in my ears listening and walking to the music. I felt like John Travolta in the movie Saturday Night Fever. And if you’ve seen that movie then you already know I felt empowered while listening to my own theme music. And trust me that’s a good thing when you’re working at a not so great job. Hey, you need some type of stress reliever and it just so happens music was mine.

Since I’m a bit eclectic, my theme music consisted of a bunch of different genres. And each playlist represented a mood I might feel each day. If I felt melancholy, I put on uplifting music. If I felt happy, I put on energetic music that made me happier. And if I felt blah, you know having no feelings at all, I put on upbeat music to shock me back to life. No matter which playlist I choose, one would be my chosen theme music for the day.

Since I believe everyone should have their own personal theme music to get them through life, here are a few songs taken from each playlist that make up my official theme music.



We all have music we can’t live without, so what are the songs you would place in your theme music playlist? Let me know by commenting below. Remember, don’t wait for someone to come and save you or make things better. Be the superhero in your own life.


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