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Loving Your Flaws

Loving Your Flaws, KiaSalter.com

When I became a teenager, I started to believe that flaws were something that needed to be erased. I don’t remember my mother ever telling me flaws were bad, but somehow I picked up this notion that I had to flawless in order for someone to pay attention to me. Well, that notion fell out the window in my mid to late 20’s and I began to see my flaws as beautiful.

So what I have cellulite, everyone does. So what I have a pimple, I have fast acting pimple cream that can take care of that in less than 2 hours. So what I chew loudly, I don’t do it on purpose and hell at least I have food to eat. When you begin to accept your flaws, things are put in perspective for you. And the little things, don’t turn into big issues anymore.

Do I still have moments where I don’t love my flaws? Yes. But those moments never last long because I’ve learned to appreciate my flaws by reminding myself of three simple things.



Loving Your Flaws, KiaSalter.com



We all have flaws, that’s a given. But even with my flaws, God still made me unique. I’m one of a kind. Which means I’m special. There is not another person on this earth like me. You no longer have to figure out what makes you unique or special anymore. Just look in the mirror, you already are. And when you accept that, you no longer give a sh*t or look at yourself as this flawed human being. You’re already beautiful. Accept that.



People have a hard time appreciating themselves. Sometimes they look elsewhere for someone to give them validation. Or sometimes they think appreciating yourself is a form of being conceited. But when you appreciate your flaws, along with the good things about you, you no longer need validation from anyone. Look I’m just gonna say it, I have cellulite. They aren’t my favorite feature, but I don’t love it any less. Why? Because it’s on my body. And everything on my body is beautiful.



Loving yourself should be a requirement of every human being on this earth. Because if you don’t love yourself, you will never be able to love someone else. Everything in your life starts with you. So accept and appreciate your flaws. And when you’ve done so, give yourself permission to love them as well. Not being perfect is why we’re so beautiful. Does a rose die? Yes. Yet, we still love them and believe they’re stunning to look at. And that’s the same attitude you must have for yourself.




Being flawed doesn’t mean we’re not good enough. It just means we’re beautiful just the way we are. The definition of beauty should never be compared to perfection. Perfection is intangible. It’s not real. Flaws are a reality. And my flaws make me special.






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