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Kia Salter started her career as a self-taught web/graphic designer at the age of 18.

And at the age of 21, she owned and operated a web company that worked with known celebrities and notable brands.
Wanting more, Kia decided to document the things she loves, life lessons, and 17 years of design experience into a blog.

Her mission: To inspire readers to design their own lives and appreciate different forms of design around them.

Kia, a native of Newark, N.J., currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s an accomplished web/graphic designer, the
creative director and founder of this blog, an author, and product creator of her own capsule collection of art posters.

She loves lemon tea and craves hot french fries all the time (I mean, there’s nothing better than a hot french fry).




the blog

Formerly known as House of KTS, Kia has shared what inspires her since 2010. Like other bloggers, Kia started her blog as a creative outlet. It was a place she could write about the things she loved and initiate stimulating conversation. But as the blog grew, so did she.

So Kia decided to redefine what others thought a lifestyle blog really was. She added more real life topics, along with her lighter feel good editorials, to provide a space where people can be inspired by more than just pretty things. After all, life isn’t always perfect and we need a place to go that will help inspire us to be better, bolder, and design the life that we want.

Kia’s core philosophy is to empower and inspire others and this brand gives her a platform to do so.


the shop

Kia loves creating and sharing her web design knowledge with the world. So when she began creating products, she decided to open a digital shop. In 2015, Kia self-published her first book, Dare To Rebrand, to help bloggers recreate an online space they can fall in love with.

In June, Kia will launch a capsule collection of art posters. Each poster showcases inspiring typography, abstract shapes, and bold colors to embody the strength of women.

And in late 2017, Kia will introduce Office Hours for bloggers who need front end web design advice. Kia also looks forward to collaborating with other artists and creatives to build more limited edition collections and products to help inspire and empower her readers.





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