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7 Years Later… (Pt. 2)

My 7 Year Blog Anniversary | KiaSalter.com

I’m surprised I’m still blogging, 7 years later. No one starts a blog thinking they will become a 7 year vet. I know I didn’t. But I wouldn’t change my blog journey for the world. It made me who I am today. And speaking of which, let’s continue on with the story of my blog journey. By the way, if you haven’t read part 1, click here before moving forward. Now where were we.

When I decided to rebrand in April of 2014, that decision didn’t come easily. I asked myself a variety of questions like, what if my audience didn’t like the new changes? What if they stopped supporting me? What was I going to write about? Usually when you make the decision to rebrand you have most of these questions answered. But I didn’t. It was like I was jumping out of the window without a parachute and scared shitless.



My 7 Year Blog Anniversary | KiaSalter.com

My 7 Year Blog Anniversary | KiaSalter.com


But despite all my worries, I made a conscience effort to be fearless. Well, that was until the shit went sideways. My first attempt at rebranding went horribly wrong. I couldn’t make a decision on anything. Which meant, the blog stayed stagnant for months. I didn’t know what else to do. Until my best friend told me to step away for awhile and start the process over again. That simple piece of advice ended up being my saving grace. And it helped me bypass the “decision making” stage of my rebranding journey.

But that wasn’t the only drama I had to deal with. In early 2015, the first web developer I hired, decided to go rogue. Usually I would design my own website, but since I am a team of one, I knew I needed help. Unfortunately, the person I hired couldn’t complete my vision. And with no time to spare, I had no choice but to buy a pre-made theme in mid 2015 (if you want to read more about this drama filled story, then buy my eBook in December 2017). Although I liked the pre-made theme, I knew I wanted my own custom design. But with time not on my side, I decided to revisit the subject at a later date.



My 7 Year Blog Anniversary | KiaSalter.com


Now that the blog had been open for months, I decided to finish rewriting my first rebranding eBook. But in early 2016, real life didn’t allow that to happen. Two days before my birthday, my fiancé passed away from this earth. Which meant, everything was on hold and my life was officially a mess.

For most of 2016, my blog was vacant. For the first time, in a long time, I had nothing to say. But with the help of my mother, my family, and friends I began to start over. I knew I had more to say and more to give. So in late 2016, I wrote my first blog post in months. But when I looked at my blog, for the first time since January, I knew it was time to hire a web developer. And luckily for me, I found the perfect person. And in mid 2017, my new custom website was complete.

And 7 years later, here I am. Blogging isn’t easy. And sometimes it’s not as fun as others make it out to be. But the beautiful thing about being a blogger is that I can help others. Which to me, means everything. So I’d like to thank my readers for supporting and believing in me. Because without you, this blog wouldn’t be a success. And I hope my blog journey will help you with your own. Here’s to another 7 more years!



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