Interiors & Decor • October 13, 2016

Stylish Home Office Interiors

Growing up, I wanted an office with a view. Maybe I watched too many movies but I always envisioned having my own office, on the executive floor, with my own personal bathroom. Who knew my dreams would come true in a different way.

Instead of an office in a ritzy building in New York, I have a home office with a view.

But with every new space, comes a new design dilemma. I have no idea how I’m going to design the space where I spend most of my time in. But if they look half as good as the home office interiors below, I’ll be one happy woman. Here are a few stylish home office interiors I’m currently loving.


I truly believe a clean and organized home office is the secret weapon of most creatives. A cluttered mind creates chaos, but an organized mind creates the extraordinary. I can’t wait to start designing my home office. And when I do, I will be sure to showcase it here first.



I hope you enjoyed 7 of these stylish home office interiors. If you could design the perfect office for you, what would it look like? Let me know by commenting below. Because I believe we all have a bit of an interior designer in us.







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  • Either of the first two photos would be my dream office! Having just moved, once again I’ve had my office painted white — I think the crispness of it provides a wonderful clean space for creativity to take hold. And it enhances the light! I have my parents’ old oak wall unit set in here for storage, and attractive as it is, I’d love to paint it white too … Thanks for sharing these fabulous spaces!

  • Oh, home office goals. These are lovely.
    I love how well ventilated, well illuminated, cozy and elegant these rooms are. I couldn’t pick one as I love them all.

  • Lovely designs! So chic 🙂