Design • September 15, 2016

I’ve Fallen in Love with Black Chairs

Black Chairs

I love contrasting colors.

I believe contrast makes a lasting impression. Which is probably why I incorporate contrasting colors into my personal style and my blog. Don’t get me wrong I love other looks, but when you pair a neutral color with a contrasting color, something amazing happens.

To prove my point, I decided to write about my favorite contrasting design feature, black chairs.

When you think about black chairs, on their own, they may not sound all that chic. But when you add one to a neutral room, it changes the entire look of the space. I know black chairs aren’t for everyone. But if you find yourself on the fence about them, then allow me to share seven visual reasons why I love black chairs.


Black Chairs


Black chairs give off so much drama to a room. And I love that this look is inexpensive and relatively easy to achieve. Got an old chair and a neutral room? Why not spray paint it black. No one will know and I won’t tell.


Black Chairs

Black Chairs

Black Chairs



I think black chairs are often overlooked. Remember, their beauty is in their simplicity. And since black is a neutral itself, there is so much you can combine it with to make an impact in any space. So are you thinking about using a black chair to enhance your home? If you are, then you please let me know by commenting below. Until next time…





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  • Good morning! I can clearly see why you have too. You’ve shown some very inspiring photos.. how all is well with your new move.. have a great weekend

  • Mil

    I definitely prefer lots of color in my own space, but I love how dramatic these rooms look! Black is so glamorous. Lovely pics!

    xo Mil

  • I have nice black leather chairs in my dining room and they give me much pleasure. You’re right!

  • I’m obsessed with these homes!!! AHHH goals!

    xx Olivia

  • Wow, so beautiful. <333
    I'm back on my blog…

  • Black chairs are lovely I agree and I love the contrast they provide but as resident drink spiller and dropper of crumbs, do they show stains more easily than other less challenging colours I wonder