Interiors & Decor • October 20, 2016

4 Marina Floating Homes

I never thought I’d want to live in a floating house before.

Before you ask, no I’m not moving again and buying a floating home. But I find myself intrigued by this new trend. To be fair, floating homes have been around for quite awhile now. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen marina homes with architectural details like this before.


The craftsmanship of these floating homes are exceptional.And we won’t even discuss how cozy and comfortable the interior is as well. If we did, I might be here all day. The one thing I’m curious about… is how in the world they don’t get seasick every day?

I know most people don’t have a problem with living on water and I’m sure like everything you get used to it. But I’m not sure I could do it. For now, I’ll admire them from afar.


After viewing the visuals of this editorial for the second time, I think I might change my position. Maybe floating homes are my style. Or maybe the appeal of getting away from the city for awhile is attracting me. After all, you do get the best of both worlds that way.

Are floating homes more of your style? If so, would you consider living in one? Let me know by commenting below.




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  • Kia,
    I loved these! I have a friend who’s right now living on a sailboat — it’s large but nothing like the lovely photos you’ve shared! I could even be convinced if they looked like those! Loved it! xo

  • The architecture is so cool and beautiful. I’d love to live in one if I can afford it.